David Archuleta Source: Instagram / @davidarchie

Out Singer David Archuleta Shares his Rave Bod and Sweet Message


Out singer David Archuleta took to Instagram on Monday to share a sexy shirtless snap of himself on day 3 of the electronic dance music festival Electric Daisy Carnival. Along with the pic came a sweet message to the rave community and how his journey has been influenced by EDM culture.

"Thanks to all of the kind ravers who danced along side me, said hi and complimented my outfits, traded kandy (bracelets) because they liked how I was rocking out to the music (because I really rock out sometimes lol) or liked my fits, complimented my results on working out šŸ„²," he captioned his post. "[E]ven straight dudes with their girlfriends just coming up and fist bumping me saying they can tell I've been working hard at the gym made my day ^-^ because sometimes it's a few step forwards and then some steps backwards lmao with the gym lmao."

"It looks wild because of the hard techno and crazy outfits and lights and visuals but the PLUR culture (peace, love, unity, respect) is a great standard to have for a festival and amazing to be around," Archuleta continued. "It teaches you how to not be judgmental and that there are other ways of being together, finding community and being one in a moment together. to the many incredible DJ's who made all of our weekends, a huge thanks to all of yall and for bringing joy to so many of us and inspiring music creativity in me."

In a separate post, the singer followed up on his message, explaining that he's "sharing my journey and I'm loving it."

"I've gone to several EDM fests and raves over the last year and a half and each one has taught me to be more confident and accepting of myself and others," he went on to say. "I'm here for it. I've been so used to judging others for not looking, acting and being a certain way. I Like how these EDM tests have taught me to be less that way."

He added more in the post's description:

"I know most of my audience I've built over the years came from when I was very reserved and conservative myself. So that's why I I like to explain what I do," Archuleta explained. "It's not to apologize for who I am but sometimes it is a bit odd to post new experiences I'm having and where I'm at now when it's very different from previous years and what people relate to me for before."

He later added: "I hope each and everyone of you can live your best life and find what makes you feel happy, understood, accepted and true to you. I'm enjoying my process and journey of that myself."

Check out a few pics of Archuleta at the fest as well as some other snaps.

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