Damiano David of Måneskin attends the 2024 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO Presented by Capital One at the Honda Center on January 13, 2024 in Anaheim, California. Source: Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Måneskin's Damiano David is Rock's Newest Hearthrob

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 7 MIN.

European musicians who exude an individual style, who are not afraid to go against the status quo, and look sexy in tight leather seem to do well in every generation. Damiano David, lead singer of Måneskin, seems to be claiming this one.

The 25 year old hails from Rome, Italy and was artistically drawn to music as a kid. So much so he didn't finish high school and pursued a life of busking for money amid the lively cobblestone-paved streets around Rome.

Part sexy Willy Wonka and part late 80s Billy Idol, Damiano is the frontman for the band Måneskin (MAH-ne-skin) which translated from Danish means "moonlight." A name perhaps suggested by bassist De Angelis who herself is half Danish. Rounding out the crew is guitarist Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio on the drums.

Looking back at the band's style seven years ago feels like a throwback to 70s hippy culture, especially during their time on "X Factor Italia." De Angelis had blonde beach curls, Raggi with side side-swept fringe, Ethan Torchio with waist-length straight black hair parted down the middle and Damiano sporting a mid-length shag. Their costumes looked handpicked from a clothing rack at a vintage shop. It all reeked of rebellion, the hallmark of Gen Z.

They came in second on that season of "X Factor," but it was enough to catapult them to semi-stardom. Four years later their song "Zitti e buoni" won the Eurovision Song Contest for Italy, solidifying them as a headlining act.

Now Damiano has reached global heartthrob status, a chapter from the figurative "Rock Musician's Instructional Handbook." He has shaved his head since his "X Factor" days and adopted a more androgynous punk style. It works for him and his thirsty fans ogling his tattoo painted athletic build, and provocative social media posts.

We have gone through some of his Instagram pictures and chosen what we think are his best looks whether his clothes are on, or off.

Marked with a green tongue, blackwork tattoos, and a key around his neck, Damiano waves the Australian flag in front a massive crowd of Adelaide concertgoers. Adelaide is South Australia's cultural capital with museums, parkland, and art galleries. Damiano's body art ranges from anime to religious iconography but the phrase "IL BALLO DELLA VITA" festooned across his clavicles might be the most noticeable. It means "the dance of life."

Looking more and more rebellious, Damiano is showing off his love of leather. This Instagram post has a second photo of a die cast toy car which many in the comments have joked is hiding in his pants in the first picture, "massive car!" they write.

We find ourselves face to face with Damiano's high cheek bones and a smoldering stare in this picture. It was taken the day after Måneskin's stop in Boston during their first headline North American tour promoting their latest album "Rush!" which contains 14 English language songs. The album got mixed reviews from critics. The Atlantic said the record shows the band's appeal isn't for its music. While art is subjective, it is true that Damiano, with his good looks and bad boy persona, is the star of the show, however in 2023 the entire group was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy.

Winning the 2023 MTV Video Music Award for "The Loneliest," Damiano serves us sexy rock star energy on the red-carpet in front of the step-and-repeat banner. Later in this photo dump he suggestively maws the astronaut's head on the statuette. In addition, Damiano gives a weird shout out to Taylor Swift saying, "thanks for the blessing, we're all tall, blonde and gorgeous."

by Timothy Rawles

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