Out Wrestler Anthony Bowens Stands Up to Anti-LGBTQ+ Protesters by Kissing Boyfriend

Tuesday December 7, 2021

Out wrestler Anthony Bowens took to social media this week to share a photo of himself locking lips with his boyfriend Michael Pavano — but what makes the snap noteworthy is that it takes place in front of a crowd of anti-LGBTQ+ protestors, who are seen holding homophobic signs.

"Trump make America great again: ban homo marriage," one sign in all-caps reads. "Homos go to hell. Repent. Obey Jesus," another sign says.

Captioning the pic on Twitter, Bowens wrote "#Standup to hate," tagging Pavano, GLAAD, and the Human Rights Campaign. Sharing the same post on Instagram, Pavano, a YouTuber, commented "I love you forever & always."

Bowens came out in 2017 as bisexual and later came out as gay and often speaks out in support of LGBTQ+ causes. In 2019 he was interviewed by Sports Illustrated, opening up about how he represents the LGBTQ+ community.

"I'm representing the LGBT community and athletes that are LGBT, but even more than that, too. I'm representing the small-town kid who was told he'd never make it, and I'm here for the shy kid that is ready to burst out of his shell and be that social butterfly," the All Elite Wrestling star explained. "I'm trying to represent all of these people in the most positive way I can. I get messages from people that make me cry. To know that I'm having a positive impact on people is a blessing, and makes me feel that I made the right decision to come out."

Check out Bowens' latest post below.