Watch: 'Call Me by Your Name' Author 'Humbled' by Nod on Lil Nas X's 'Montero'

by Brendan Walker

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday April 7, 2021

As "Montero (Call By Your Name)" becomes the second song by Lil Nas X to top Billboard's Hot 100, the 21-year-old rapper has found a vocal admirer in the form of "Call Me By Your Name" author Andre Aciman.

Though the chart-topping song doesn't draw directly from the best-selling novel and subsequent film adaptation, Aciman still said he was "humbled" that Nas X invoked the phrase in his music.

Speaking to Them following Nas X's tease of the hit single last July, Aciman expressed his admiration for the up and coming career of the American rapper.

"If 'Call Me by Your Name' had even the slightest influence on Lil Nas X's music, then that's beyond anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for," Aciman stated. "It's gratifying, it's humbling and it reminds me that how others relate to and interpret this novel is often more meaningful than the actual words on the page."

According to Aciman, he kept hearing Nas X's "Old Town Road" at the gym, and with the help of his son was able to finally pinpoint the song and download it from Spotify.

This praise adds to a hot month for Lil Nas X, with new single "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" reaching 46.9 million U.S. streams and selling 21,000 downloads in its first week, according to MRC Data, in addition to attracting an audience of 1.1 million via radio airplay since the beginning of this week.

"Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" is available to hear on all major music streaming platforms.

Watch the video below: