Watch: How About Some Aussie Firefighters for the New Year?

Friday December 24, 2021
Originally published on December 22, 2021

The Australian firefighters are back with their 2022 calendar, which is good news for their large gay fanbase.

"When asked by the Aussie news outlet Star Observer about the importance of the gay men amongst their fan base, David Rogers, Director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, was emphatic about the community's integral support," the outlet said.

"The gay men's market is enormous for the Australian Firefighters Calendar. We have 1.9 million unique visits to our website, 50% of those are from men. The story is covered in gay men's magazines in every language around the globe."

He was also excited to reveal a tidbit about some upcoming queer additions to their roster.

"For the 2023 calendars, we will be hosting two openly gay firefighters. None of the other guys give two fucks about their sexuality, they are part of our team and that is all that matters. We are one family at the calendar."

For more on the calendar, visit its website.

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has also been raising money for wildlife and other charities for 29 years now. "The stir they caused upon their initial launch in 1993, has only grown in popularity, with the calendars being distributed to over 100 countries in 2021," added the Star Observer. Due to their popularity, there are no less than six different versions of the new calendar.

"Classic, with the gents on their own and shirtless in their firefighting gear, four animal categories and new for 2022, the Summer edition, which has the guys featured in their cosies in various glistening beach shots. Plus, for some reason, a Falcon!?" the Star Observer said.

They also posted a YouTube video that features the hunks with and without animals.