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Quarantine-Buds: Actors Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez Sheltering in Style

Friday May 22, 2020

Actor Richard Madden is sheltering in style in a luxurious Los Angeles mansion that costs nearly $25,000 a month to rent... and doing so with a hot quarantine-bud, the Daily Mail reports.

Madden, 33, is believed to be renting the home of Emilia Clarke, his "Game of Thrones" costar, with "his friend Froy Gutierrez, after moving out of the house he shared with Brandon Flynn last year," the Daily Mail writes.

Madden was first photographed with the 22-year-old "Teen Wolf" actor and fledgling musician in February. Last year, he had lived with the 26-year old Flynn, an actor on the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," until they had an alleged falling out in November 2019.

A source told the British tabloid The Sun that Madden returned to L.A. shortly before the lockdown after filming the new Marvel movie "The Eternals" in London.

"Since then he's been living in Emilia's old house because it is really nice and is the perfect place to isolate," the source said.

As for his friendship with Gutierrez: "He really hit it off with Froy and he's pleased to have company while stuck inside. As he is already spending a fortune on the property, he wanted someone to enjoy it with.

"He didn't see himself living there long-term but now he's had to settle in because it doesn't look like he will be able to move any time soon," the source said.

Madden made the tabloids last year when he was seen out in L.A. walking arm-and-arm with Flynn when the two decided to live together. Flynn had earlier dated singer Sam Smith.

But when he was named the new face of Versace last year, Flynn allegedly specifically asked that Madden not be invited to a Versace-sponsored event in December.

The pre-quarantine-buds had a falling out last fall and "cut ties with each other," a source told The Sun.

"Brandon has made it clear he doesn't want to see Richard because he asked the team at Versace not to invite him to a party they are having at the beginning of December."

While the fashion house had a relationship with Madden, "they are respecting his (Flynn's) wishes and haven't asked Richard to attend the bash."

While promoting "Rocketman" last year, where he played Elton John's manager and lover John Reid, Madden was asked by the New York Times if he and Flynn were an item. "I just keep my personal life personal," he said. "I've never talked about my relationships."

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