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Castro Theatre's Oscar Bait

By David Lamble | Saturday Feb 17, 2018
In the second half of February, the Castro Theatre's countdown to Oscar rolls out a handful of Best Picture contenders the way they should be seen.

Over the Coals :: Drag Icon Heklina Gets Roasted

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Feb 15, 2018
Heklina should be given awards for so many accomplishments. But true to playfully bitchy drag form, instead of a toast she'll get a roast at the Castro Theatre on February 17.

On the Tab :: Feb. 15 - 22

Thursday Feb 15, 2018
Liberating libations, legendary live acts, and likeable local lovelies are on our nightlife list.

Time travel through Hollywood

By Tavo Amador | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
Critic John DiLeo's "Ten Movies at a Time: A 350-Film Journey Through Hollywood and America 1930-1970" (Hansen Publishing Group, $29.95) is a distinctive addition to the crowded field of film history.

Rite back in your arms again

By Tim Pfaff | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
Back when the word bombshell still held meaning beyond "today's news," Robert Craft used it in his book "Stravinsky: Discoveries and Memories."

Bermuda becomes first country to repeal marriage equality

By Heather Cassell | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
In an unprecedented move, Bermuda became the first country in the world to repeal same-sex marriage.

Field of vengeance

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
How we deal with cruelty is at the root of "Land of Mine," one of last year's Academy Award nominees for Best Foreign Language Film from Denmark (it lost to Iran's "The Salesman"), recently released on DVD (Sony).

Jock Talk: All that glitters is gold - and bronze

By Roger Brigham | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
In advance of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, John Moody, the executive editor of Fox News, wrote an editorial predicting poor medal results for Team USA because of an overabundance of gays and people of color on the squad.

Aristocratic yet earthy concert fare

By Philip Campbell | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
Like a favorite relative who visits only once a year, Herbert Blomstedt, Conductor Laureate of the San Francisco Symphony and SFS Music Director for a decade (1985-95), returned to the podium at Davies Symphony Hall recently to start a two-week stay.

Provincial romance

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Feb 14, 2018
If someone were to ask you what or who is the center of your world, how would you answer? This question is at the heart of the new German-language "Center of My World" DVD just released from TLA.

11 thru 20 of 31406