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Political Notebook: LGBT clubs snub out SF school board candidates

By Matthew S. Bajko | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
Of the trio of out candidates seeking seats this year on the San Francisco Board of Education, it appears two have failed to secure the support of either of the city's two main LGBT political clubs.

Editorial: Trump's 'fake news' is fake news

By BAR Editorial Board | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
Today, the Bay Area Reporter joins 200-plus publications across the country, spearheaded by the Boston Globe, in condemning President Donald Trump's constant attacks on the news media.

Glorious images of the natural world

By Sura Wood | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
We're swinging into the final round of summer, which means it's time for the California Academy of Sciences' annual "BigPicture" show, where a cavalcade of eye-popping color photographs is now on view.

Guest Opinion: Build it, and the people will come

By Ken Jones | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
The Castro Muni station has meant a lot of different things to me during the past four decades: a construction site. A community rallying place. A point of entry for gay people from around the globe. And now, a workplace.

'Unbound' explores gender identity and fluidity

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
For readers bewildered by how to make sense of gender today, a new book by sociologist Arlene Stein, "Unbound: Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity," recently published by Pantheon Books, follows the journey of four patients.

Trump at the fore of LGBT Asian conference

By Heather Cassell | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
LGBT Asian activists discussed the Trump administration's policies and global issues at its recent conference in San Francisco, which attracted nearly 700 people.

Jock Talk: Paris delivers

By Roger Brigham | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
In the end, Paris proved to be exactly what the Gay Games needed.

Costa Rica can't ban same-sex marriage, court rules

By Heather Cassell | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado welcomed the country's Supreme Court ruling August 8 that declared a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Elizabeth Taylor as a phoenix rising

By Tavo Amador | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
In "Ash Wednesday" (1973), Barbara Sawyer (Elizabeth Taylor) is a wealthy, middle-aged matron unhappy with her appearance.

Portland underground

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Aug 15, 2018
Lesbian novels have rarely caught the public imagination, but this deserves to change with the publication of "Stray City," a tender, insightful debut novel set in 1990s Portland.

11 thru 20 of 32517