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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXIX

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXIX

The hilariously bad movies seen in the ongoing "MST3K" series from Shout Factory continue to get better and better, but unfortunately, this is the last DVD set we'll see. Only three episodes are included in Shout's new release entitled "Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXIX," and all feature sarcastic yet cute Mike as the host. A fourth disc includes host segments only; the actual episodes can't be released on DVD at this time.

"Girls Town" comes first in the set and shouldn't be confused as a sequel to the famous 1938 "Boy's Town" movie. Rather, this 1959 film features the offspring of many famous actors such as Charlie Chaplin and Robert Mitchum. But they don't fare so well in a movie that has female delinquents sent to a reform school run by nuns. Mike and the robots make fun of the entire film and also the fact that singer Paul Anka is making his film debut...Anka also croons out many tunes in the awfully bad but good "Girls Town."

On disc 2 comes "The Amazing Transparent Man," an incoherent snooze-fest of a film and because it's so inane, it makes it all the more fun especially when Mike, Tom, and Crow give jabs at the movie. The plot has something to do with an army of soldiers that try to steal top-secret government materials by using an invisiblizing device. The episode starts with a ½ hour short film about the railroad industry, one that's just as bizarre as the film that follows it.

No, the 3rd film in the set "Diabolik" isn't a remake or the much-more-popular "Diabolique." But it's notorious for being an awful film and for being the last movie Mike and the robots had to ever endure. The film is supposed to be a spoof of James Bond-like spy movies but ends up a dud instead; Mike, Tom, and Crow have giggles as they view it.

Rounding out the 4-disc box set is "Satellite Dishes," a collection of shorts featuring Joel, Mike, and their fellow robot friends. There are also many special features tacked onto each disc that have interviews with cast and crew, and examinations of each terrible film. A tribute to the final show of the original series, "Diabolik", goes behind-the-scenes to the final shooting days of the episode.

The "MST3K" show lives on in its 11th season currently available on Netflix.

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