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PopUps: This Hollywood Icon Used Snapchat's Gender Swap Filter & You'll Never Guess Who it Is

Thursday Jun 6, 2019
Who could it be?!
Who could it be?!  (Source:Instagram)

A major Hollywood celeb had fun with Snapchat's gender swap filter, which recently caused a stir online — and you'll never guess who it is. Taking to Instagram this week, they shared a selfie and added a hilarious caption.

"A friend had the SNAPCHAT thing where it makes you into the opposite sex," they wrote. "When I show this picture of me as a guy with attitude, they think I'm Woody Harrelson! I'm flattered...kind of."

If you haven't figured it out who it is, here's the answer: It's Glenn Close! In her previous Instagram post, "The Wife" star shared a photo of herself embracing Harrelson.

"Saw my dear friend Woodrow Harrelson for dinner last night. We first met when he, Laura Dern and I did the play 'BROOKLYN LAUNDRY,' in a tiny theater on La Cienega, in LA in 1991," she wrote. "The only play that James L. Brooks has ever directed. Woody and I have been friends ever since. It was great catching up and laughing A LOT!"

Nevertheless, the Snapchat gender swap filter has come under fire by some transgender activists, who called it gender tourism. Read more about that by clicking here.

Check out the pics below.


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