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Man Who Threatened Pulse-Style Attack Locks Self in Courthouse Bathroom

By Jason Parsley | Sunday Apr 30, 2017
Craig Jungwirth, the man who was accused of threatening Wilton Manors with a Pulse-style attack, locked himself in a bathroom in a Broward County courthouse on Thursday to avoid being served with a lawsuit.

Game Developers Look To China As A New Market For Gay Games

By Tucker Berardi | Sunday Apr 30, 2017
Developers are working toward creating a "pink economy," a business model that caters to the LGBT community. The market for LGBT content is growing, and businesses are scrambling to secure their place in the new territory.

LGBT Organizations Mobilizing to Keep Gay Chechens Safe

By Tucker Berardi | Saturday Apr 29, 2017
Grindr has begun helping gay men in Chechnya by using the app's location services to update users who may be in danger. They have also provided Chechen users with news reports of the progressing situation.

Coming Out Swinging: Fans and Developers Push to Make Blockbuster Games More Inclusive

By Tucker Berardi | Saturday Apr 29, 2017
When people think about social progression and equal rights, the video game industry is certainly not the first place considered to be a forefront of change - if it is even considered at all.

Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Refuses to Bow Out; Will Attend Breakfast With Anti-LGBT Speaker

By John McDonald | Thursday Apr 27, 2017
Despite pleas from local LGBT activists, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler is forging ahead with plans to attend an evangelical prayer breakfast this week. Focus on the Family Chief Executive Officer Jim Daly is one of the event's three featured speakers.

Florida Artist Dismisses Gender Binaries

By Brittany Ferrendi | Wednesday Apr 26, 2017
As a straight cisgender man, Carlos Aleman opened up from his Asian-inspired art and wondered what creations he could make to support the LGBT community. And that's how the "Androgynous" art series was born.

Orlando Mayor Omits 'LGBT' and 'Latinx' from Pulse Memorial

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sunday Apr 2, 2017
The mayors of Orlando and Orange County have designated June 12 as "Orlando United Day - A Day of Love and Kindness" in recognition of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. However, they left out two marginalized communities.

AP Updates Stylebook To Include Queer, Questioning and Singular 'They'

By John McDonald | Sunday Apr 2, 2017
The Associated Press tweaked its style guide last week. Two changes of note impact the LGBT community - make that the LGBTQ community.

Florida Activist Confronts Gov. Scott Over Omissions

By John McDonald | Sunday Apr 2, 2017
Broward County human rights activist Michael Rajner confronted Florida Governor Rick Scott this week in Tallahassee over the Governor's failure to mention the LGBT community in his annual State of the State address.

West Palm Beach Passes Pro-Immigrant Resolution

By Chris Persaud | Saturday Apr 1, 2017
West Palm city commissioners on Monday unanimously passed a resolution intended to reduce undocumented immigrants' fears of local police.

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